★Happiness is always a choice.★

Always be a first rate version of yourself, rather than a second rate version of someone else. 

Truth is, I’ve seen too many relationships fail, too many heartaches, and people who once sought the promise of forever going separate ways—that it makes me afraid to even risk having one.

Yun lang naman yun e. Kung mahal mo talaga, di mo ganun kadaling susukuan.

*Swoons* ♥♥♥
ER Couple Episode 20. ♡

6.4.14 at 5:36

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Random snaps for the past week (3-27-14 to 4-5-14). Can’t believe I’ve actually been here for a week alreadddyyy.

And likewise, been too lazy to post here for a while now. But I hope that this Summer ‘14 will inspire me to write regularly again.. :)

Anywaysss, how’s summer going for you? ♡

No matter how you say it’s okay to be in a one-sided relationship, you can’t deny the fact that there’s still a small voice at the back of your mind hoping that your investment of feelings will eventually be worth it.

Summer heeeeat! >_< (at Eversley Child Sanitarium)

Wanna spend #Summer with me? ♥ ;)
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27.3.14 at 20:48

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Hello, Summer! ;) (at Mactan-Cebu International Airport (CEB))

And sometimes, a simple “I miss you” is all that it takes to reach out to a long-lost friend and make them feel that no matter the distance, no matter how rare you go see each other, or no matter how rare you talk to each other, the friendship will always be there—-that you’ll always there.

My dinner for tonight’s duty, specially prepared by le everdearest sister, @piawantsyou :3 Meheheeeee. :> Thaaaankyouuuu! #luckyme ;)

Finished work = Ultimate throwback high school memories + Dinner break with ate Allaine — watching ABNKKBSNPLAko? The Movie 

Last night’s dinner with the Boss @ Ysabelle’s Restaurant.☺  

Woke up before 6 just to help you with thiiiiiiiizzzz! See how much I love thee? :))))) @piawantsyou >:D< Goodluck sa Revalida mo! :)